Only 89¢ a minute. No connect fees!

Call 1-800-900-9447!

No gimmicks, no hidden charges, no up-charges, no connection fees…no kidding!


We’ve made it our goal to provide you with exciting, sexy, talented phone girls at prices anyone and everyone can afford. The days of wondering and worrying what the final cost for your call will be are over! You will be charged JUST 89 CENTS A MINUTE without ever paying connection fees, additional fees for one-on-one, and absolutely NO hidden charges ever! With rates so low compared to many of our competitors, there’s really no reason not to call! You must be 18 years or older to use this service!


We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and prepaid cards, or you can choose to be billed through our own discrete private billing service.


Q: I’ve seen providers that “get you in the door” with really low advertised rates, but then you find out that rate is just to hear some pre-recoded stories and such! Some of these companies charge up to $13 a minute for speaking directly to a girl. Do you charge extra to talk one-on-one?

A: Nope! Our one-on-one prices are still just 89 CENTS per minute, regardless of your menu choice!


Q: What about those “one-time” connection fees most companies charge each time you call?

A: With us you will never pay a connection fee to get on the lines!


Q: Ok, so you really are 89 cents per minute. How can you afford to charge so much less than other providers?

A: Because we believe happy customers are repeat customers! When you see that credit card statement and say “wow, this REALLY only cost me $10”, we know you’ll call again! It’s a win for us both!

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